We care about you and want to see you succeed. Our friendly team at Workskil Australia can help you on your journey.

Ally - Workskil Australia


Employment Coach, Murray Bridge, SA

Ally has 15 years of experience in Work Health Safety, and employment and injury management. She is dedicated to helping with the rehabilitation of injured workers and focuses on getting job seekers back into ongoing, secure employment. Ally specialises in career development for clients who may need to change their career path and has strong relationships with employers and training providers in the local area, which has a knock-on effect of helping her clients.

Mel - Workskil Australia


Employment Coach, Mount Barker, SA

Mel has over seven years’ of experience in the education industry, where she has helped students with anxiety, autism, hearing and vision impairment and learning disorders. She has personal experience dealing with acquired brain injuries, epilepsy and rehabilitation from major surgery. As a result, she has an enormous amount of empathy and patience for people from all walks of life. Mel has the wonderful ability to motivate people, to problem solve and to help people reach their full potential. By listening to her clients, she finds them suitable work with employers who appreciate their abilities and talents.

Monique - Workskil Australia


Employment Coach, Kingscote, SA

Monique’s personal and professional life led her to undertaking a Bachelor in Developmental Education and Disability in order to be able to better help people. She has worked at Autism SA and is an Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist. Monique's degree specialises in the area of employment, counselling, mental health and strategic behaviour support and modifications. She enjoys empowering individuals to believe in their abilities, and providing them with sound advice on how to achieve their vocational goals. By breaking down tasks into smaller digestible chunks, she helps people slowly build up their capacity to perform new skills with confidence.

Heidi - Workskil Australia


Employment Coach and Employment Broker, Victor Harbor, SA

Heidi has a strong desire to make a positive difference in other people’s lives and has been working with people with disabilities for 11 years. Her friendly, empathetic nature and excellent listening skills make her a great support for her clients. She helps move them forward towards a fulfilling future through problem solving, and believes that with the right support and guidance, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Rita - Workskil Australia


Employment Coach, Noarlunga, SA

Rita has been working in Disability Employment Services for over 11 years. Through living and working in Onkaparinga, she has great knowledge of the local area, industries, and training options available to job seekers. Rita builds great rapport with her clients; by being patient and encouraging, she motivates clients to move forward in their lives. She understands the challenges faced by clients with a mental health condition, injury or disability, and helps find solutions to address their barriers.

Aimee-Lee - Workskil Australia


Employment Broker, Noarlunga, SA

Aimee-Lee has been working in the Disability Employment Services field for three years, and in that time has successfully worked with a wide variety of employers. She understands exactly what employers are looking for and ensures her job seekers are suited to the roles she places them in. Aimee-Lee offers great interview tips and advice, and is a whiz at finding vacancies for her clients to ensure they get a job they love.

Yevette - Workskil Australia


Disability Employment Services Regional Account Manager, Adelaide, SA

Yevette has nine years of employment services experience as well as experience working within a sales and business development role.  Yevette also brings up to date knowledge of the local labour market, industry contacts and working knowledge of support services available.

Kyleigh - Workskil Australia


Disability Employment Services Regional Account Manager, Hunter Region, NSW

Kyleigh has 10 years of recruitment experience and more than two years' experience in Disability Employment Services. She is a passionate advocate of the Disability Employment Services sector and finds it particularly rewarding to assist individuals into employment. Kyleigh believes that every individual's needs are unique and require a tailored approach along with respect and empathy.

Zoe - Workskil Australia


Employment Coach and Employment Broker, Melrose Park, SA

Zoe has always had a passion for supporting people with disability. Recently finishing a Bachelor of Health Science and a Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies, Zoe has previous experience as a Disability and Youth support worker. She is a great listener and is motivated to help customers within the employment services sector. She understands every customer is different and adopts a person-centred approach to her support.

Emily - Workskil Australia


Employment Coach, Oaklands Park

Emily has a strong passion for providing support and assistance to people with a mental health condition or disability.  She has previous experience in a variety of settings with people from diverse backgrounds. This includes people living with disability, students struggling at school and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Through this varied experience and completing Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology), Emily has built a robust understanding of her customers’ needs